From a moment to a movement.

Changing systems takes intergenerational collaboration

Educators, Students, Family Members, Government Officials, and Community Leaders

Our strength is in collaboration

We learn and build together. The stronger we are individually, the stronger we are as a community.


Parents & Families


Community-Based Organizations

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Government Officials




Small Businesses


Learn about Kingmakers and how you can get involved to strengthen your local district through our announcements and newsletter.

Community Events

We offer year round Community Events that offers tools, tactics and strategies to empower community stakeholders by sharpening their leadership skills.


KOO Resources support the learning and development of inter-generational cross-functional teams that positively impact their local district and schools

By focusing on the most marginalized students, all students thrive. Developed by Professor john a. powell.

This report is a national landscape analysis of racial affinity groups focused on supporting educators of color. 

This is intended to support districts in communication and engagement related to your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Liberatory Design is an approach to addressing equity challenges and change efforts in complex systems.

We Dare Say Love

We Dare Say Love demonstrates how "Love" is value that transforms students and families. 

Transformative Schooling

Transformative Schooling highlights the promise of what districts can build when they intentionally serve Black boys.


We create tools and products that Engage, Encourage and Empower all school district stakeholders to collaborate and transform the culture, conditions and capacities to improve the academic and life outcomes for Black boys.

Direct Student Programs

We have three direct services programs:

King’s in the Making direct service programs include

  • TFI
  • Media Academy
  • Youth Empowerment Conferences.

KOO Learning Collaborative

Kingmakers’ Learning Collaborative is a cross-functional, inter-generational collective where district partners share strategies, build relationships, and ultimately leverage their collective genius to discover how to inspire change and create a system that supports Black students, as well as Indigenous students and students of color.

Systems Change Drivers

Learn and implement proven strategies to heal the fish while cleaning the toxic ecosystem.

  • Curriculum & Pedagogy
  • Youth Voice & Leadership
  • Black Teacher Retention
  • Community & Family Engagement
  • Narrative Change
  • Policy

Leadership Coaching

We empower school and district leaders with equity and asset-based tools and frameworks to guide strategic plan development to transform systems, practice and culture that improve the life outcomes for Black students.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, you can read more here.

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