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Featured Learning Event

KOO Learning Events equip and empower educators with tools, tactics and strategies that engage, encourage and educate Black boys to improve their academic and life outcomes.

Oakland Unified Principal & Learning Collaborative member:

“It’s not a radical idea for us to focus on African-Americans males and center them; it’s not an intent to alienate anyone else or not acknowledge their needs. It’s just finding a place where we can turn the tide and improve outcomes for all children.”

– Seattle Public Schools, Executive Director Equity

We offer these resources and tools below to Engage, Encourage and Empower your students and families.


In elementary school, students positive self-image is critical for them to learn.  So they want to learn and ultimately enjoy learning.  As educators we the have opportunity to ENGAGE students and families, to learn their needs, and provide a safe space for them to feel like they belong.


In middle and high school, students become more independent and test their limits to learn more about themselves.  It is critical to ENCOURAGE students to become their best self so they value being a lifelong learner.

Higher Education

In higher education, students get to practice and sharpen their skills that EMPOWER them for college, career, and community.  They exhibit the intrinsic motivation to make an impact.


Transformative Schooling

This book highlights the promise of what districts can build when they intentionally serve Black boys.

We Dare Say Love

This book demonstrates how "Love" is value that transforms students and families. 

We are here to support your efforts in engaging, encouraging, empowering and educating students.

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