Bay Area Crowning Ceremony 2022

By Uma Joshi

Kingmakers Community & Family Engagement coordinator, Brother Adrian Henderson, wanted to create an end of year ceremony to celebrate all that our Kings and community have accomplished this year. The purpose of these crowning ceremonies was to honor the work that was done this school year, honor our facilitators and our Kings through crowning them with a Kingmakers hat.

In May we had crowning ceremonies with two of our Bay Area district partners, Oakland and San Francisco. The Oakland Crowning Ceremony kicked us off with incredible libation, drumming, food and fellowship. We had an amazing performance by YGB (Young Gifted and Black) as well as other musical performances from some of our youth.

At our San Francisco Ceremony, we had an amazing presentation by students from Presidio Middle School and Willie Brown Middle School who participated in our Youth Participatory Action Project (YPAR).  Students from Presidio focused their research on safe spaces in school; while students from Willie Brown focused their research on school nutrition and health. Both crowning ceremonies were a beautiful expression and celebration of all that our schools, students and community have accomplished.

Watch the full Oakland Crowning Ceremony Event below

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