Our studio uplifts the voices of Black and brown youth, improving educational and life outcomes through multimedia and narrative change.

Studio A

Our main studio comprises of 1,250 sq ft of space, this includes main recording booth and a live recording room that can be set up in variety of ways to accommodate desired  needs. The main control room is set up with legacy mixing console, computer workstation and monitoring systems. It has appropriate mood lighting options for various needs. This also includes 2 ISO booths for vocals, solo guitar and other acoustic instruments.

We offer 2 primary recording studios; both designed by Bay Area renowned acoustical designer, Frank Hubach associates  with state of the art acoustical & sensibility treatments. This includes walls, ceilings and corners to help control sound reflections

Studio B

Our smaller Studio is approximately 350 sq ft of space suitable for a solo artists and smaller bands. It consists of a recording booth and one ISO booth. It also includes a new Studio interface with multiple inputs and outputs. The booth also includes Digital audio Workstation equipped with Pro Tools, Logic Pro , Ableton Live to name a few, suitable for recording editing and mixing . It also boosts of a MIDI Controller and adequate output and input for virtual instruments and synthesizers.


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