District Partners

We work  with district, school and classroom leaders to help them deeply transform the culture, conditions, and practices.

Benefits and Impact of District Partners

Leadership Coaching

We empower school and district leaders with equity and asset-based tools and frameworks to guide strategic plan development to transform systems, practice and culture that improve the life outcomes for Black students.

Antioch Team

Professional Learning Community

We train teachers and facilitators to utilize our African-centered and culturally relevant pedagogy and curriculum with students in their classrooms. This learning community collaborates inter-district and cross-district by grade level to share, plan, build and (implement) safe learning environments.

Learning Collaborative

Kingmakers’ Learning Collaborative is a cross-country collective where district partners share strategies, build relationships, and ultimately leverage their collective genius to discover how to inspire change and create a system that supports Black students, as well as Indigenous students and students of color.

Phase Zero

In the initial phase of supporting schools and districts we go through a discovery process to understand the current culture, conditions and capacities to access the Phase Zero planning stage.


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District Partner Membership Platform

Gain Access to:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Professional Learning Community
  • Learning Collaborative
  • Phase Zero
  • Systems Change Driver Strategies

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