Disruptive Philanthropy Supports Systems Change

When we consider the variety of funding streams that are present in social impact work, we understand that remaining innovative and informed is a critical aspect of philanthropy. On both the funder and recipient side, a successful relationship is built on collaboration and more recently, funding streams are being managed with systemic change frameworks in mind, in the hope of equalizing power dynamics that can be inherently present within these dynamics.

This process has often been called “disruptive philanthropy” and is rooted in principles of intentionality and fiduciary ethics. The hope is that by providing targeted supports in a non-traditional way, the intended impact can increase. Over the last fiscal year, we had the opportunity to partner with a multitude of generous benefactors whose support helps to maintain a solid foundation that is built on sustainability. 

Here are a few we’d like to highlight that embody the principles of disruptive philanthropy in their giving strategies.

Raikes Foundation: In its relationship with KOO, Raikes not only supported us to tell our own story of impact, they made introductions to accelerate our success, leveraging relationships with other funders. As a result of Raikes monetary and well as networking generosity, KOO now has seven new funding partners. The Raikes Foundation opened doors that might have been locked to us without their belief in the KOO vision.

New Profit: Strategic support is what distinguishes New Profit as a funder of visionary entrepreneurial nonprofits, as well as, through completely unrestricted dollars.  Through our partnership with New Profit we not only secured flexible funds, we gained an instrumental Board member who recognizes and emphasizes the power of Multiracial Intergenerational Cross-functional team building. 

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Among the nation’s leaders in disruptive philanthropy is the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). Not only did CZI bestow upon KOO one of its largest donations, they also extended support to other community-based organizations contributing to our impact. They recognized these partners as movement-builders rather than competitors. CZI’s choice to fund approximately ten additional organizations who collaborate with KOO is not only helping to fuel widespread collective impact, it’s also breaking down the paternalistic, capitalistic, and white-supremacist character of traditional philanthropy. 

To learn more about our strategic partnerships and collaborations, please visit our partners page.

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