KOO Earns Two Film Awards

12/7/23 – Oakland, Calif. – In a vibrant celebration of cinematic creativity, Kingmakers of Oakland (KOO) proudly secured two wins at the 2023 AfroComicon Film Festival at Oakland’s historic Jack London Theaters. The local community, including a KOO team contingent, gathered to witness a diverse array of 16 short films. Amidst this cinematic tapestry, Kingmakers animated gems – ‘I’m a King’ and ‘Glisten’ – were highly anticipated and appreciated. These animated music videos, featuring original compositions from Kingmakers Music, captivated the audience with their artistic finesse.

‘Glisten’ took home the People’s Choice award highlighting the beauty and innovation of Oakland in 2077.  While Kingmakers signature song, ‘I’m a King’, won the Youth Choice Award. ‘I’m a King’ film brought us to sands of African to meet our royal lineage, depicting the process of becoming a King through honor, respect and discipline.

AfroComicon festival showcased a rich spectrum of films, ranging from the whimsical charm of animation to the speculative landscapes of sci-fi, and the humor of comedy to the depths of drama. Directors, producers, and visual artists from across the globe submitted their creations for evaluation to a panel of judges and the discerning audience’s eyes, ears and guts, who cast their votes post-screenings.

“Yes, we are an organization committed to community impact, but we also want people to recognize our ability to produce top-notch assets, be it in music, cinema, animation, or merchandise,” succinctly stated by Senay Alkebu-lan, KOO Fashion Lab Designer. 

For Kingmakers, the multiple awards at 2023 AfroComicon underscore two essential truths. First, it highlights the inherent brilliance, beauty, and greatness of black boys, a narrative brought to life through Kingmakers’ exceptional work. Second, it reaffirms KOO Innovation Labs in partnership with South African animation house Black Native, has become a top-tier production center delivering high quality asset-based music and films.

This recognition at AfroComicon seamlessly aligns with the shared missions of both organizations. AfroComicon’s commitment to celebrating diverse narratives within the black community aligned with our dedication to community empowerment. Together, they embody a collective vision of empowerment, creativity, and the transformative power of storytelling.

In the laid-back ambiance of the Jack London District, the AfroComicon Film Festival was a testament to the vibrant local arts scene, with Kingmakers of Oakland rightfully earning their place among the creative elite.

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