McClymonds High is Black History

KOO Director of Family and Community Engagement Brother Adrian Henderson helped bring life to Black Star Rising event last month. The Black History Month event united a cadre of powerful Black-led organizations who gave game to Oakland’s McClymonds High School students. They learned that they are part of Black history. We are all part of the lineage. We stand on the shoulders of those before us, hoping to make a better world for the next generations to come. 

The event, co-hosted by fellow Oakland organizations Hidden Genius and SPAAT, was a celebration of the genius and beauty of Black culture and history.  Black community leaders and professionals shared their wellness strategies and career pathways, which inspired the engaged students. Hidden Genius, who trains and mentors young Black men in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills is helping to close the gap with Blacks in technology careers.

Brother Shaka Jamal led a mindfulness and meditation session to model wellness activities. Life skills and character values workshops were facilitated by SPAAT, who prepares student-athletes to graduate from high school college-ready and positioned for scholarships. Brother Kumi Rauf, owner of I Love Being Black, taught students about entrepreneurship and social media marketing. Edutainment for Equity’s Hodari Davis left the students in awe dropping gems with his powerful message of knowing our history intimately to continue the plight of our ancestors, who did far more with far less.

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