November 2022 – King Of the Month

Each month we’re excited to highlight an educator or King from our community who embodies our Theory of Action – Engage, Encourage & Empower. This November, we’re so thrilled to announce Angel Ortega as our King of the Month!

Angel Ortega is a people person and an entrepreneur. Connecting and networking comes easy to him. He is able to build friendships and community with people in a way that is rarely seen in this generation and his confidence allows him to feel comfortable in his skin no matter where he is or who he is around. He grew up watching his parents run their own dojo and print company to provide for the family. This helped shape his ambitions and gave him the spirit of an entrepreneur. 

KOO hosted  a 10-week workshop where Kings pitched business ideas with Project Echo, an organization that empowers youth through entrepreneurship programs and an annual Teen Entrepreneurs’ Business Plan Competition. Angel came into the process with his own idea for a shoe cleaning business  and had even created different versions of the product. Throughout the workshop he developed his business plan, logo and a pitch and was able to bring his idea to life. Months later he created a prototype of his product, which our team member Obasi Davis uses to keep his shoes clean to this day. . 

This month we got the news that Angel is a finalist for the Posse scholarship. His hard work, ambition and dedication have culminated into a chance to receive a full tuition college scholarship to continue his education. 

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