‘Royalty’ album drop January 26th

Kingmakers is releasing the ’Royalty’ anthology album on January 26th from their newly established music label, Kingmakers Music. Royalty is a 14-track album sonic and heartfelt journey of examination and reflection. It has slappers like lead single Glisten, Black Love, I’m a King, Ubuntu and Public Criticism. This anthology album is a collection of KM top hits from their first four studio projects. 

Kingmakers Music (KM) embraces a powerful ethos—transforming the educational landscape through the influential mediums of positive media imagery and music. We understand the power of music and controlling the narrative to empower our youth, not destroy their psyche.

We produce “Movement Music,” our melodies and lyrics serve as catalysts for personal and societal evolution. Our unwavering mission is rooted in the belief that empowerment, engagement, and encouragement are the pillars of meaningful change.

At the heart of KM is a recognition of the transformative potential inherent in music. KOO Krew artists aim to inspire, uplift, and empower young Black boys, fostering an environment where they can reach their full potential. KM stands as a harmonious extension of our impactful work the Kingmakers does in the schools

 The commitment to leadership development extends beyond the studio, as our music artists also serve as educators, contributing to a broader system of positive change with every lyric they pen.

We firmly believe that music has the power to ignite movements, and through our artistry, we strive to amplify voices that champion justice, equality, and positive transformation. More than just a music label, we are architects of inspiration, mentors of potential, and champions of positive change.

Join us on this journey of melody and meaning, as we continue to shape minds, cultivate leaders, and contribute to a brighter, more empowered future.

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