Kahlil Chatmon

TFI Oakland Manager

An Oakland Native and advocate/activist for the lives and education of youth and people of color. Majoring in Anthropology at Sac State, coordinating Media for Kingmakers of Oakland, and teaching transitional kindergarten are the ways in which my passion aligned with purpose.

1:45PM - 2:00PM

The LAB 2 The Lab 2 - Youth Media, Tech and Equity Summit

Break | Networking | Performance

11:15AM - 12:15PM

Thursday, April 15th

Upset the Setup

The Kingmakers Youth Street Team will share findings from recent virtual youth events and discuss remote learning, impacts from the multiple pandemics on student mental health, learning in a racially charged climate, and building community and Black joy.


Day 2 Friday, March 25th

Welcome to Day 2 of Spring Symposium 2022


Day 2 Friday, March 25th

Kingmakers of Oakland Youth Street Team

Showcasing some of the impactful work of our youth Street Team


Day 2 Friday, March 25th

Student Interviews

Hear from students directly about their current state of wellness through the pandemic


Day 2 Friday, March 25th

Closing Moves

Reflections and Appreciations


Lab 4 Schedule

Welcome, Intro & Land Acknowledgement


Lab 4 Schedule

NFT Panel Discussion


Lab 4 Schedule

JamBoard: Group Discussion

9:35AM - 10:55AM

Fri, April 26th

Breakout 1

Tony Smith, the former Superintendent of Oakland Unified School District, will share his journey of working with the School Board to create the Office of African American Male Achievement, the first-ever of its kind within a school district in America.

11:10AM - 12:30PM

Fri, April 26th

Breakout 2