Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard

Learning Collaborative Consultant

Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard is a published author, adjunct professor, organizational development specialist and former school district educator with over 25 years’ experience preparing adults to lead and manage numerous workplace spaces. Rachelle specializes in coaching agency leaders to dismantle racist policies, practices and procedures that threaten organizational health.  Currently, Dr. Ard is the Principal Lead for Harvest Consulting, where she grows school, district, and business leaders through anti-racist leadership development. 

​Rachelle designs and facilitates customized training around leadership and racial bias utilizing Social-Emotional best practices; as a certified Dare to Lead and The Leadership Challenge trainer, Rachelle’s work showcases the necessity for organizational Core Values to drive employee retention and outcomes. As such, Dr. Rogers-Ard challenges leaders to interrogate systemic racist systems if they are to effectively lead across difference; her own Authentic Leadership framework provides guiding questions for personal reflection towards inclusive leadership.

Dr. Rogers-Ard also co-leads the Grow Your Own Collective, a Regional organization dedicated to the recruitment, placement, and retention of teachers of color. Her latest publication, “Black Educational Leadership” details the journey of African American Principals in racially oppressive systems and is currently available on Amazon.com.

For more information about Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard, please see her websites: www.rachellerogersard.com and www.criticalraceleadership.com.

1:00PM - 4:00PM Afternoon Asynchronous Watching

Healing the Fish Thursday, October 15th

Black Teacher Recruitment & Retention