Senay Alkebu-lan

Artist and Creative Director

Senay Alkebu-lan is a 22 year old artist from West Oakland whose art practice revolves around creating a visual framework to empower Black youth. His relationship to a multigenerational legacy of Black Activism translates to an exploration of heritage and very direct political messaging. He has navigated his place as an artist through international travel and exhibition, public art, and in depth community engagement using mediums such as apparel design, drawing, photography, film, and exhibition curation to communicate his ideas.

Most notably, Senay Alkebu-lan is the founder and creative director of Madow Futur Clothing Co. Madow Futur combines the Somali word for Black and the French spelling of future to speak specifically to the conditions of Black/African people with the statement that “Black youth are the future”. With messages that connect local pride to international issues, each garment is a wearable demand of equality for all oppressed people. His designs combine a militant DIY streetwear attitude with futuristic undertones and strong political themes, stripped down to simplistic elements in both form and content.

12:00PM - 12:30PM

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