One of the most highly anticipated events every year at our Spring Symposium is when we  host our Student Showcase.  This highlight features  performances and presentations by youth working with Kingmakers of Oakland who have benefitted from the organization’s pedagogy and curriculum, mentoring, professional development, financial literacy, college readiness, and media academy programs.

Our intention in delivering  an African-centered curriculum, leadership development, and project-based programs for Oakland youth  cultivates  the next generation of Black leaders. The young scholars who presented to over 300 community members at the Student Showcase were beacons of light, sharing their learnings.

Student Showcase PresentationTopics that came to life at this exhibition ranged from Golden Sphinx sculptures and a display of scarabs, to the impact of Nipsey Hustle on the Black community, in addition to a mapping of an ideal city according to the values established by King Mansa Musa of Mali.  Hands down, a performance that got both adults and children to their feet and dancing was live drumming and dancing by SambaFunk! and King Theo as the grand finale of this heartwarming day.

The Student Showcase was a valuable opportunity for facilitators and youth to connect with other KOO district partners. This aspect of our annual convening boosts KOO’s visibility locally and nationally and is pivotal in changing the narrative about how our kings and queens are seen.  Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for families to support, show and share their pride in their children.

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