Teach Black Achievement Every Day

If our historical knowledge is connected to how we see ourselves, then teaching complete Black history is something educators should implement in their curriculum daily. 

This month we celebrated one of the most impactful American Civil Rights Movement leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His efforts inspire younger generations. The list of achievements by Dr. Martin Luther King, the Black leaders who came before him, and those shaping history today are countless. It’s critical that they are all honored and celebrated in classrooms nationwide to help increase the confidence of Black boys, who can see themselves in these changemakers. 

Helping black boys reach their full potential means teaching culturally relevant curriculum, where they can see themselves and learn their rich heritage. The accomplishments and innovations of Black people in American is endless yet mostly hidden.

As teachers we have the ability and responsibility to enrich and engage students and families with asset-based historical narratives. Black History Month should be every month to truly uncover all the contributions of African Americans to this county and the world.

So take time each week to teach your students about accomplishments of Black historical figures and you will see students take ownership of their education on the road to becoming life long learners.

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