Oakland names street after Tupac

11/03/23 Oakland, Calif. – Its official! Tupac Shakur is forever linked to Oakland after getting a street named after him on November 3rd. The dynamic  naming ceremony paid homage to the iconic Tupac Shakur with an extraordinary tribute filled with heartfelt speeches and appearances by prominent Bay Area hip hop figures. 

After 50 years of hip hop, Bay Area luminaries Sway Calloway, E-40, MC Hammer, Money B, Richie Rich and other legends graced the stage to show their love for Tupac by sharing classic stories. With all these hip hop ikons it was a honor for Kingmakers to open the event with a pivotal role and inspiring words from our CEO Chris Chatmon. The love Tupac had for his community is also part of the Kingmakers legacy. However Tupac also reveals the complexities of being a Black man in America, which gets complicated navigating systemic oppression that pervades our community.  

Chris eloquently underscored the profound influence of Tupac Shakur on his own life and the mission of Kingmakers. Chatmon emphasized how Tupac’s work and vision have been instrumental in shaping the ongoing efforts at Kingmakers, focused on uplifting and empowering young Black boys in public schools. Tupac’s dedication to uplifting the community and addressing issues of social injustice set the stage for the work being done by organizations like Kingmakers. The renaming of the MacArthur Blvd and Grand Ave intersection to “Tupac Shakur Way” serves as a poignant reminder of Tupac’s enduring legacy and drives organizations like Kingmakers to advance his mission to a movement.

Hearing impactful stories of how Tupac impacted music industry ikons like E-40 and MC Hammer offered insights into how Tupac’s music and activism profoundly impacted the industry and the community. 

Their stories echo the core values and goals of Kingmakers. The presence of Councilwoman Carroll Fife and the prominent morning DJ Real Sway reinforced the significance of this event, demonstrating how Tupac’s legacy extends to various aspects of life in Oakland.Tupac Shakur’s legacy is one of shared purpose and a commitment to empower marginalized communities. As we reflect on this historic event, it’s essential to recognize the enduring spirit of unity and positive change, embodying the vision of Tupac Shakur and the commitment of Kingmakers of Oakland to improve life outcomes for Black Boys.

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