Kingmakers Ventures Into Animation

The concept of animation can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where simple optical toys and devices were used to create the illusion of motion. Today, animation continues to evolve, with advancements in technology, storytelling, and diverse animation styles. It is a medium that spans from traditional hand-drawn techniques to cutting-edge 3D and computer-generated animation, which remains a powerful and popular form of entertainment around the world.

The history of Black animation, like many aspects of Black representation in the arts and media, has been marked by a struggle for recognition, opportunity, and authentic storytelling. Over the years, Black animators and creatives have made significant contributions to the industry, addressing issues of representation, diversity, and cultural sensitivity. 

A new wave of Black creatives are now in the genre, making space for diverse crews and characters. Kingmakers of Oakland has included animation as another vehicle for narrative change.  Check out how we capture the beauty, brilliance, and innate greatness of Black boys in our short music animation film, “Glisten.”  

In this futuristic snapshot of Oakland, KOO shows viewers a world where Black boys can be just exactly who they are. Check out this clip below. You can access the full “Glisten” animation video in the KOO Corner app. Download KOO Corner in your Apple or Android app store.


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