Kingmakers of Oakland is a leadership development and systems change organization committed to fundamentally transforming the education system and building the capacity of people to design and sustain thriving and liberated systems, structures, conditions, and culture to improve educational and life outcomes for Black students.


Education systems are failing black boys

Harsh Discipline

AA Students are 3x more likely to be expelled than White students

Ill Equipped teachers

Teachers who lack cultural competency are less likely to engage, encourage and empower black students

Biased Curriculum

White narrative curriculum creates negative internal identity


4th Grade: Only 15% AA males ready at grade level

Juvenile Arrests

AA males are arrested 5X more than white males


59% of AA males graduate High school, compared to 71% all males

How we do it

We facilitate building will, strategic planning and transforming practices with inter-generation cross-functional equity teams in schools, districts and communities across these programs and services.

Our Theory of action

We embody the metaphor “Healing the Fish by Treating the Toxic Ecosystem.”

By unapologetically focusing on Black boys; while grounding our approach in Targeted Universalism; our work is proven to ENGAGE, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER children and families of all backgrounds.

Our Theory of Action starts by establishing Learning Collaborative teams within school districts. We provide them with thought partnership, technical assistance, and the necessary support systems to undergo a meaningful transformation.

While these Learning Collaboratives are formed at the school district level, our approach includes all stakeholders; everyone from the students, to policymakers, and the community at large.

District Stakeholders

Cross-Functional Inter-Generational Teams

District Stakeholders Implement strategies across six System Change Drivers

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