Chatmon has students see themselves as royalty

Chris Chatmon receives Jefferson Award

3/14/24 San Francisco – The air hummed with anticipation as the community gathered to celebrate the profound impact of Kingmakers of Oakland CEO, Chris Chatmon. Cheers erupted as KPIX Bay Area-CBS announced him as a 2024 Silver Jefferson Award “Multiplying Good” winner. Among 59 other esteemed community impact organizations, Chris stood out as one of five silver medalists, positioning him for consideration for the national Jefferson Award later in the year.

“Chris started Kingmakers of Oakland to help Black boys and all students in general reach their full potential in project-based learning opportunities,” stated in the KPIX interview segment. “Chris helps students see themselves as royalty.”

Chris Chatmon receiving the Jefferson Award

Chatmon’s dedication to improving the academic and life outcomes for Black boys, from Pre-K through PhD, resonated deeply with the audience. His groundbreaking work at Kingmakers of Oakland had transformed countless lives and inspired hope where there was once despair. As the spotlight shone on him, Chris humbly accepted the award, his eyes reflecting the countless stories of resilience and triumph he had witnessed along the way.

As he graciously accepted the honor, Chris Chatmon’s heartfelt words resonated with gratitude and humility. “I am so blessed to wake up every morning and align my passion to my purpose and my profession. I want give thanks to Sharon. I want to give thanks to Bernita. I want to give thanks to KPIX,” Chris Chatmon acknowledged. “I want to shine a light and give thanks to all of the Jefferson Award winners because it is through our collective efforts… lead to improved educational and life outcomes for our children.“ 

The award was more than just recognition; it was a testament to the power of an individual’s vision to spark change and uplift communities. With the Silver Jefferson Award in hand, Chris Chatmon’s journey as a champion for education equity continued, lighting the way for a brighter future for generations to come. This recognition not only symbolized his achievement but also illuminated the path toward educational equity and opportunity for all.

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