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Portraits of a King

Portraits of a King is a video-series created to uplift the stories and voices of marginalized youth and community stakeholders who are often unknown yet critical to the movement. They reflect on themselves and their environment to make the adjustments necessary to improve and achieve. We uncover these stories to demonstrate the possibilities of overcome and outcome.

The history of Black folks often comes from a different and divergent perspective.  It is our responsibility to uncover the story at the margins to share the broad perspectives of Our Story.

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread show provides opportunity for community leaders to discuss strategies, failures and successes to continue the conversation to build the nation. It is through relationships, communication, and collaboration that will advance towards solutions. This show will help to uncover and expose more tools, resources and solutions for transformation.


Crossroads show addresses the intersectionality of self, family, community and career as it relates to identity, beliefs, culture and norms. We unveil the elephant in the room to have important conversations that impact people, but are not always comfortable for everyone. These shows provide the content and space to continue the critical conversations to build relationships and bridge gaps. They are perfect to spark dialog among students (grades 7 and up) with conversations that are hard to bring up, yet are already happening in the margins.

Revolution Remix Trailer

The Revolution Remix film was born out of the 2020 multiple world pandemics of Covid, racism, mental health, and the economy. The constant images of seeing Black males like George Floyd being murdered on video, and normalized, takes its toll. Our Revolution Remix EP was our initial response to provide youth the opportunity to express their thoughts and voice during these pandemic. This film is a multi-artistic expression of youth voice, which sparks even more conversation to move toward reflection and healing.


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