Educational transformation is possible

Making progress on equity requires us to have honest conversations about race and systemic oppression, not to lay blame, but to design more equitable systems. 

Student Services

Nothing About Us Without Us

Media Academy Film Standup

KOO Media Academy

The Media Academy serves young adults 14-24 to teach them about Narrative Change, Media Production, Broadcasting/Podcasting, and Event Production. Students learn skills to operate video cameras, sound and audio, lighting, story telling, journalism and video editing to develop professional media skills to enter into the industry as a young leader.


The Kings In The Making TFI Program is a 3 year college access program in partnership with JP Morgan Chase’s Fellowship Initiative (TFI). This program aims to address 3 primary college readiness issues faced by Black and Latino youth: (1)access to rigorous college preparatory courses (2) access to experienced teachers who have high levels of cultural competencies when working with boys/men of color (3) access to consistent guidance counseling to continually track students’ academic performance and college application process. We work with Kings starting at 10th grade through to their senior year on academic advising, tutoring, literacy and reading comprehension, financial literacy, mentorship and career and professional development.

District Services

Leadership Coaching

We empower school and district leaders with equity and asset-based tools and frameworks to guide strategic plan development to transform systems, practice and culture that improve the life outcomes for Black students.

Liberatory Design Process

In the liberatory design precess we access our data to continually evaluate key performance indicators for each district's goals. We support schools and districts we go through a discovery process to understand the current culture, conditions and capacities to design and revise the strategic Design model.

Learning Collaborative

Kingmakers’ Learning Collaborative is a cross-country collective where district partners share strategies, build relationships, and ultimately leverage their collective genius to discover how to inspire change and create a system that supports Black students, as well as Indigenous students and students of color.

Antioch Team

Professional Learning Community

We train teachers and facilitators to utilize our African-centered and culturally relevant pedagogy and curriculum with students in their classrooms. This learning community collaborates inter-district and cross-district by grade level to share, plan, build and (implement) safe learning environments.


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