Summer Sessions

KOO LABS Design Center & Production House

Join our summer sessions.
tailored for black students to explore their creativity.

SUMMER SESSIONS are for high school students and will take place in 2-week-long sessions.

Monday through Thursday
10am – 1pmĀ 

SESSION 1: June 17th – 28th

SESSION 2: July 8th – 19th


Fashion Design

Instructor: Bro Senay

Students will learn the basics of design, sketching, and screenprinting

Beatmaking, Mixing, Mastering

Instructor: Bro Ras Khemist

Students will learn the basics of beatmaking along with mixing & mastering their beat stage presence, mc, performing and tempo

Griots of Oakland interview over 80 Black males in Oakland

Video Production

Instructor: Bro Rocke

Students will learn the basics of audio, lighting, camera settings, composition, and post-production video editing.

Animation Production

Instructor: Bro. Theo

Learn about the world of animation, get hands-on developing your own animated stories, and experiment with some of the coolest new technology available for emerging artists.


If you are busy this summer, check out our other programming during the school year.

Media Academy Produce TV Show

Media Academy

For young people ages 14 – 24

The Fellowship Initiative

For Black and Brown Males in 10th grade going to 11th grade. 

Jenna Early Literacy Program

Reading program in partnership with Akira’s Book Club for young elementary aged kings and queens. 


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