Ashe Fellows Transforms Leadership for Racial Equity

The Legacy Museum in Montgomery Alabama

4/12/24 Birmingham, AL – In a world where leadership often falls short of meeting the needs of marginalized communities, initiatives like the Ashe Leaders Fellowship stand as beacons of hope. Recently, our Founder & CEO Chris Chatmon was honored to be selected in the second cohort of the Ashe Fellow, embarking on an 18-month journey dedicated to amplifying voices, deepening leadership capacities, and catalyzing systemic change.

Ashe Leadership Fellows in Birmingham Alabama

Gathering with other passionate fellows in Birmingham, AL, marked a pivotal moment in this transformative journey. As they convened for the second time, they delved into collaborative works while immersing themselves in the rich historical black landmarks, including the powerful Legacy Museum in Montgomery Alabama.

The Ashe Fellows Program, unlike conventional leadership initiatives, is designed to be bold, radical, and unapologetically focused on racial equity. It aims not just to develop individual leaders but to nurture a collective force for change, rooted in the diverse experiences of its fellows.

During the gathering, Bro. Chris reflected on the urgent need for innovative and authentic leadership, echoing the words of Phillis Wheatley: “In every human breast, God has implanted a principle, which we call love of freedom; it is impatient of oppression, and pants for deliverance.”

The discussions were not confined to the present, but extended deep into history, confronting the brutal realities of slavery and racial injustice. From the horrors of the Middle Passage to the trauma of segregation and Jim Crow, every narrative was examined with an unflinching gaze.

Ashe leadership cohort 2 in AlabamaThrough these conversations, a profound realization emerged: our ancestors were the original architects of resistance and resilience. Their oral traditions, musical legacies, and unwavering spirit laid the foundation for radical Black freedom.

In the face of modern challenges like mass incarceration and systemic bias, the fellows acknowledged the critical role of ancestral intelligence in shaping the future. “AI is only as good as the feedback it receives,” Bro. Chris passionately articulated. “We must infuse it with Ancestral Intelligence to reimagine a world free from oppression.”

Ultimately, the Ashe Fellows is not just about developing leaders; it’s about igniting a movement. It’s a call to action to challenge the status quo, dismantle oppressive systems, and pave the way for a future where Black liberation is not just a dream, but a reality.

As Chris Chatmon and Ashe Fellows return to their communities, they carry with them the echoes of history, the fire of resistance, and the unwavering commitment to build a more just and equitable world. Their journey has just begun, but the impact they will make is boundless.

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