Educator of the Month – April 2023

We are proud to announce our Educator of the Month, Brother Marcus Bradford, who hails from the Emerald City of Seattle Washington and currently teaches at Aki Kurose Middle School. Brother Marcus acknowledges, “Teaching these young kings brings me great joy. I try to create opportunities that will impact their lives positively. I’m very blessed to have God use me for this platform.” The KOO team is blessed to have a dedicated facilitator in Brother Marcus.

He has served the youth faithfully for the past two years at Aki Kurose. Brother Marcus exemplifies what a transformative educator should be. He creates an environment of learning in a Seattle classroom that is rigorous, engaging, encouraging, empowering and fun.

Marcus has also been a sponge for knowledge as he incorporates concepts and direct one-on-one coach-ups from the PLC’s (professional learning community). By delivering our pedagogy and curriculum, he has created a program at his school site that has helped shine the light, brilliance and beauty of the young kings there. It is a privilege to award Brother Marcus Teacher of the Month for all the work he has put in to serve our kings. Here’s to you Brother Marcus.

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