FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Systems Change Driver

We know “it takes a village to raise a child”.  That is why it’s critical we engage families and community members to become part of the assets-based school district ecosystem. Our Theory of Action starts by establishing Learning Collaborative MIC (multi-cultural intergenerational cross-functional) teams within districts. We have learned that all stakeholders (students, family, policymakers, businesses and community leaders) are needed to transform schools.  

At Kingmakers we help schools and districts develop and implement strategies to engage family and community. With our experience curating and producing engagement and training events we can offer our expertise to enlist community assets. We provide them with thought partnership, technical assistance, and the necessary support systems to undergo a meaningful transformation.

Our Spring Symposium this month convened over 500 individuals across three days and over three integrated events (Education Conference, Oakland Griot’s 10-year Anniversary and Student Showcase) that all center Black Boys. Through community building, learning and collective will we develop a movement of actions to engage, encourage and empower Black boys and families. 

The calvary is not coming to save us. We are the ones we are waiting for. Our communities have everything we need. It just takes intention, organization and persistence to ensure those furthest away from opportunity have the tools, access and resources to thrive.

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