Kingmakers Music takes flight at SFO Airport

KOO Krew artists headline the United Airlines Black History Month

San Francisco – In a groundbreaking pop-up concert at San Francisco International Airport, the KOO Krew took flight as the highlight of United Airlines’ Black History Month Celebration on February 16th. The KOO Crew includes artists like 42K Lil, Amari, SinQ, and Zo1  who have produced four studio albums under the Kingmakers Music label.

The pulsating beats of African classical drumming, the soul-stirring melodies of singing, and the powerful resonance of spoken word speeches set the stage in SFO’s F Terminal Rotunda, creating an electric atmosphere. As KOO Krew took center stage, it was evident that something evolutionary was unfolding.

“It was dope United took the opportunity to honor and build bridges with people in their organization,” artist 42K Lil stated. Even though this was a pop-up concert in San Francisco Airport you can really feel the intention and effort they gave us. There are no other airlines that are doing this for their staff and travelers. This was my first time performing in an airport.”

The audience, a sea of diverse faces, was instantly captivated by the young black men of KOO Krew. Their articulate voices echoed through the airport, beckoning a powerful affirmation rooted in ubuntu: “I am because we are.” It was more than a performance; it was a call to unity, a testament to the collective strength that resides within the black community.

Kingmakers Music, a label with a mission that extends beyond beats and rhythms, seeks to reshape narratives and outcomes surrounding young black male achievement. The selection of songs performed by KOO Krew authentically celebrated the profound contributions, impact, and influence that Black individuals have had on society. As one United Airlines employee noted during the performance, it was a moment that resonated with the essence of Black history.

“At the core of Kingmakers is a commitment to movement positivity music,” shared a representative of the label. The beats and rhymes are not just a form of artistic expression; they are tools for empowerment, and catalysts for change. The performance at SFO was a manifestation of this commitment, as the KOO Krew commanded the stage with a fusion of raw talent, energy, and a message that echoed far beyond the airport’s walls.

As Kingmakers of Oakland continues to grow in its mission to uplift and empower the inherent greatness within black boys, the label understands the power of art and music for engagement, encouragement, and empowerment. The goal is clear: to inspire the next generation of Black artists, activists, and leaders who will shape the cultural landscape with their voices and vision.

In a world where music meets activism, where beats become anthems of empowerment, Kingmakers Music and the KOO Krew have proven that the stage is not merely a platform for performance but a powerful arena for revolution. United in rhythm, they are crafting a new narrative—one that echoes the resilience, brilliance, and undeniable spirit of the black community.

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