Aisha Grevenberg

M.S.W, L.C.S.W

Aishia Grevenberg, M.S.W, L.C.S.W is a dynamic mental health professional. Ms. Grevenberg has over 15 years of distinguished professional service to undervalued populations, particularly women and people of color. Ms. Grevenberg has advanced clinical practice expertise in trauma, relationships, codependency, addiction and mood disorders. Ms. Grevenberg is especially passionate about the emotional well being and healing of women. She is tireless in her quest to promote transformational change in the lives of women who struggle with low self-worth, communication and building healthy, loving relationships. 


As a pioneer in the mental health field, Ms. Grevenberg has shaped the professional foundation of hundreds of counseling graduate students. Being a college professor is an honor and responsibility, a call to service Ms. Grevenberg answers with unparalleled enthusiasm. 


Through rigorous scholarship and extensive experience, Ms. Grevenberg has crafted her own therapeutic philosophy: each person has within everything needed to live an inspired life. Humbly, Ms. Grevenberg acts as a trusted guide to her patients and students in their journey to rediscovering potential, power and purpose. 


Ms. Grevenberg currently practices in Las Vegas, NV. She is the proud mother of her rambunctious dog Sage, and her cat Lyric. Ms. Grevenberg enjoys vegan food, hip-hop and traveling. She is working on a self-help book for women to improve their lives by identifying and repairing their negative thinking patterns. 



Day 1 Thursday, March 24th

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