Candy Calderon

Founder, Glow Wellness Tour
Candy Calderon is the voice of a new generation.
A certified holistic health & wellness coach and
entrepreneur with a corporate background, Candy has leveraged her brand and knowledge to become a
highly sought-after speaker and ambassador to some
of the most popular wellness brands, and the founder
of Glow Wellness Tour.
As a leading voice in the space, Candy is often featured in the intersection of culture, diversity
and inclusion, and healthy living from the modern, busy female boss perspective -- she is not
afraid to broach taboo subjects very few talk about while still having fun in the process!
She regularly invited to keynote events, addressing how to prevent illness instead of reacting to it,
diversity in wellness, and entrepreneurship. Her insights are often featured on TV and media.
She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a Master's Degree in Business.
2:45PM - 3:10PM

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