Eliza Greenberg

Co-Board Secretary

Eliza co leads New Profit and oversees the work external affairs team (comprised of Development, Communications and America Forward as well as managing our emergent strategies – Inclusive Impact, Systemic Solutions, ECSO and LTE). She also works closely with several of New Profit’s portfolio organizations and currently serves on the Board of FoodCorps.

Eliza has always known that her career would be in service of closing the opportunity gap. Both because she was raised to believe that it’s a broken world and she must contribute to fixing it and because she sees that where she is today is a direct result of the accumulated advantage she’s been handed. Eliza came to New Profit after working in both the non-profit and government sectors in variety of direct service and leadership roles and seeing first hand the intergenerational and institutional barriers to social mobility in our country. Eliza believed that philanthropy could have a catalytic role in disrupting the status quo, inspiring R & D and spreading best practices. What drew her to New Profit is what keeps her at New Profit – shared values about putting equity at the center, a shared belief that transformative change requires upending systems and deep relationships and an unparalleled community of people.