James “Rocke” Earl Rockefeller III

Contractor: Media Productions

James C. Earl-Rockefeller, III is a videographer and production specialist for Kingmakers of Oakland Communications Department. “Rocke” began his career in entertainment as a professional stand-up comic in 1986. Moving to Oakland, CA in 1992 presented him the opportunity to appear on BET's Comic View (1st Season) and work for The Soulbeat Television Network, a 24 hour "black owned" network, broadcasting music videos, entertainment and community programming. Rocke is a sports Public Address Announcer for Stanford University, Laney and Merritt Community Colleges and the Oakland Athletic League.

1:00PM - 4:00PM Afternoon Asynchronous Watching

Healing the Fish Thursday, October 15th

Engage, Encourage, Empower Kings with Multimedia

5:00PM - 6:00PM Game Show

Healing the Fish Thursday, October 15th

Trivia Game Show

11:10AM - 12:45PM Live Breakout Session

Treating the Toxic Ecosystem Friday, October 16th

Flip the Script: Don't let His Story tell Your Story