Tinneca Fortin

Somatic Therapist

Tinneca came into the healthcare field quite unintentionally after the birth of her first son over 19 years ago. What she learned through her personal experience inspired her to become the care provider she knows every person deserves; one that is attentive, sensitive, and well connected. She initially began her work as a doula, then went back to school to become a midwife. She had a private midwifery practice for 12 years and helped welcome over 1000 new babies throughout the pacific northwest. As her practice grew, she recognized that many women, children and families struggled with unresolved pain and trauma that negatively affected their daily lives. It was through this that Tinneca realized her next calling; guiding people to peace through somatic practices. As a long time meditator herself, she knew how meditation and movement had impacted her life, so she began to integrate and recommend daily meditation to her clients. She was amazed at the profound positive impact this had on their mental and physical health. From here, she gained certification to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and went back to school to become a somatic educator and somatic therapist. She now works with all types of people in her community, starting with kids as young as 4. Tinneca uses the outdoors and the yoga studio as her primary grounds for connecting people to the kinds of self awareness that ultimately brings peace, ease and fluidity to their lives.


Day 1 Thursday, March 24th

Panel of Healers

Panel of health professionals sharing trends and resources for ‘filling the well.’