Step Up to the MIC

The theme for this year’s Spring Symposium, “Step Up to the MIC,” is about amplifying multiracial, intergenerational, cross-functional voices to transform education systems. Through Spring Symposium, we have the opportunity to gather a broad coalition of participants to learn best practices and engage with diverse stakeholders from across the country.

Everyone has a role to play in “stepping up to the mic” to ensure black boys succeed in school and life. It’s critical that everyone’s voices are heard and uplifted to help impact the culture, conditions, and practices in our schools; which is why we’re calling on students, families, community members, policymakers, educators, and district leaders to participate in Spring Symposium.   Read more…

Here’s where you fit into this conversation:

Students: Spring Symposium is informed by youth devoted to transformation, which means parts of the conference will be designed by our Kings. We offer opportunities for attendees to meet and listen to our Kings, see their genius and creativity, and experience the work they’ve done with our leadership development programs. 

Family: Families play a critical role in the educational development of our Kings. They are often who our Kings turn to first when they need support. Family voice matters in the conversation about how we educate and empower our youth. 

Policymakers: Policy change and funding is needed to increase educational opportunity and success for Black boys. Spring Symposium will equip policymakers with critical information from educators, families, and students to develop policies that support our King’s path to success. 

Teachers: Teachers are the backbone of the work we do to change systems. At Spring Symposium, Teachers will have opportunities to learn from like-minded educators who work to cultivate an effective and nurturing learning environment to educate Black youth.

District and School Leaders: District leaders are tasked with reforming and improving school systems and programming. They are the advocates we need to deeply transform the culture, conditions, and practices within our education system. Our partnerships with districts provide them with thought partnership, coaching, technical assistance, and the necessary support systems to undergo a meaningful transformation. Spring Symposium offers opportunities to learn how we partner with districts. 

We can’t wait to convene our community, and we hope to see you all there.

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