Summer Slide: Keep Students From Falling Behind

KOO’s origin story and unapologetic commitment to Black boys starts with data. No matter where in the country they were (urban, suburban, city or rural) academic indicators point to the widest achievement gap between Black boys and all other races. This is exacerbated during the summer months.

KOO’s systems change drivers have proven to transform educational systems, however some setbacks are uncontrollable. Specifically summer learning loss, which can derail progress by underserved students. According to this Brookings Institute study, academic levels can ‘slide’  to lower levels during the summer months from where they were at the end of the school year.  

KOO actively encourages youth and their families to take advantage of student level resources to maintain academic success. Many libraries also offer incentives and contests to children to keep reading during the summer like  Oakland Public Libraries Summer for Kids program so check with your local branch to see if they offer something similar in your area and keep the electric slide at the cookout the only slide you see this summer.

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