Iris Nevins

CEO, Umba Daima NFT Studio & Community

Iris Nevins is the co-founder and CEO of Umba Daima, a creative NFT Studio that is building a multi-cultural collaborative web3 community. Umba Daima builds out brands and programs to support its mission with Black NFT Art being its most popular project. Iris sees NFTs as a revolutionary tool for empowering under-resourced communities to generate wealth through ownership of IP and digital assets. Iris is a former teacher and community activist who eventually became a software engineer. She recently left her engineering management role at Vox Media to become the full-time CEO of her own company.



Lab 4 Schedule

NFT Panel Discussion


Lab 4 Schedule

Breakout Workshops

Breakout Workshops 

Fabricate your Reality!3D Printing:

 3-D printing engineered by members of the Makers Lab from McClymonds  Highschool in West Oakland. 

Sidney Tchanyoum

Leveraging your business on social media! Meeka is our Branding, Marketing and social media coordinator for KOO.  Meeka Johnson will walk you through creating a digital infrastructure for your business. 

Step into the Future: Virtual Art Gallery!NFT/Virtual Art Gallery: Iris Nervin + Omar Desire (Collaborator)

Appreciating CAD as Fine Art!!  Learn from Myk Dunn as they explain testing, designing and co creating satellite engines for some of our planet's biggest space systems.

Spring Symposium Attendees/Over 30: Cava Host (Review of Lab 1 - 3 summary videos, youth development and leadership, connected to our Theory of action for KOO)