Myk Dunn

Propulsion Tech Engineer

 Myk Dunn is a 25 year old queer and nonbinary Houston native. They are currently working as a Propulsion Test Engineer at Benchmark Space Systems, and they graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. From a young age, Myk started out as a very hands-on individual; they deconstructed and reconstructed each and every toy they could get their hands on. As the years went by, Myk realized they were more interested in the designing of spacecraft and propulsion systems. Ultimately, pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering allows for them to combine their curiosity as well as their love for space travel.

     Myk's main focus is creating greener and cleaner running propulsion systems in order to ensure the preservation of our world and space environment. In doing so, they take part in the designing, building and testing of state of the art spacecraft engines. Through the use of  Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs such as SolidWorks, they are able to bring innovate ideas to life, from design to production.

     Separate from work, Myk and a friend of theirs are also in the beginning stages of developing a STEM-based non-profit organization geared towards underprivileged grade school children. Myk enjoys volunteering as a Peer Advisor for various space fellowships, and they also serve as an active member of the National Society of Black Engineers for professionals.



Lab 4 Schedule

Breakout Workshops

Breakout Workshops 

Fabricate your Reality!3D Printing:

 3-D printing engineered by members of the Makers Lab from McClymonds  Highschool in West Oakland. 

Sidney Tchanyoum

Leveraging your business on social media! Meeka is our Branding, Marketing and social media coordinator for KOO.  Meeka Johnson will walk you through creating a digital infrastructure for your business. 

Step into the Future: Virtual Art Gallery!NFT/Virtual Art Gallery: Iris Nervin + Omar Desire (Collaborator)

Appreciating CAD as Fine Art!!  Learn from Myk Dunn as they explain testing, designing and co creating satellite engines for some of our planet's biggest space systems.

Spring Symposium Attendees/Over 30: Cava Host (Review of Lab 1 - 3 summary videos, youth development and leadership, connected to our Theory of action for KOO)